Bedroom Demos- Vol. 15

by Terry Scott Taylor



EP #15 in my ongoing Patreon series.


released August 8, 2018

TST- vocals, guitars, etc.
Mastered by Bruce Neher
Thanks to Sarah Issler for this month's album cover photo


all rights reserved


Track Name: I Will Hold You Again
I Will Hold You Again
(A Mother’s song)

words and music: Terry Scott Taylor
©2018 Shape Of Air Music, BMI

When you were a child

In many ways I was too

But every foolish mistake I made

And the hard times we went through

Were worth every moment spent

With you cradled in my arms

And I would vow I’d fight to the death anyone

Who would do you harm

And when you were a boy

And off somewhere at play

I’d turn on the porch light and call your name

At the end of the day

It echoed through the streets

To find the places you roamed

And wrapped in the soft robes of twilight

You let my voice lead you home

So don’t cry now sweet baby

Don't cry now

My hand is still rocking the cradle

And love will mend the broken bough

And I will hold you again

And I will hold you again

And I will sing you a lullaby

In a story without end

I will hold you again

And when you became a man

Gone off somewhere to play

I’d still turn on the porch light and in the night

Bow my head to pray

A prayer echoing through the streets

To find the places you roamed

And on the wings of the prayers of the ones you love

You were led safely home

No don’t cry now my baby

Don't cry now

My voice is still calling you homeward

To feel my kiss upon your brow

And I will hold you again

And I will hold you again

Yes this parting is just for a little while

No it’s not how the story ends

I will hold you again

Hold you again

Hold you again

guitar and vocal: T.S. Taylor


In my grief over my Mom’s passing I wrote this song a few days later. In it I imagine what she might be saying to me even now. There are fragmentary glimpses here into our family’s history; my Mother's pregnancy at the age of 17, the early years of my parents' financial and personal struggles born of their youth and inexperience married to a brave desire to “do the right thing.” I vividly recall those boyhood summers when twilight would fall and my mother’s faraway voice would call my brother and me home from a day spent playing in the streets of our neighborhood. How comforting that voice was, suffused with the grace of love and home, and it remained an anchor throughout our family’s most turbulent times. I will deeply miss that voice. And God knows I will miss her laugh. All those who knew her and have written to me since her passing have mentioned my Mother’s laugh and despite her suffering with the horror that is Alzheimers, she never stopped being funny or perceptive to another’s humor. To the day she died her explosive, room-filling laughter continued to bring joy to all of us. And because love is stronger than death, I believe I will see her again and that the laughter and joy we share on that day of reunion will last far beyond ten thousand years.
Track Name: In The In-Between
In The In-Between
words and music: Terry Scott Taylor

©2018, Shape OF Air Music, BMI

The Kingdom is coming

The Kingdom’s come

We’re running a race

That we’ve already won

Dying is living

And the weak are strong

We gain everything

When everything's gone

In the in-between

In the in-between

In the shadow of death

The table is set

Between the already

And the not quite yet

In the in-between

Victory through defeat

By serving we reign

Exalted when humbled

We see unseen things

Wise when we’re fools

Full when we fast

Great when we’re small

First when we’re last

In the in-between

In the in-between

In the shadow of death

The table is set

Between the already

And the not quite yet

In the in-between

Poor when we’re rich

Raised bowing down

Free and unfettered

When we’re burden bound

Sorrowful, yet rejoicing

We conquer giving in

Giving is getting

In losing we win

In the in-between

In the in-between

Between the Son’s returning

And this gathering storm

The cross and the grave

And our Easter morn

In the in-between

In the in-between

In the in-between….

voices and instruments: T.S. Taylor


The Bible is filled with paradoxes (seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statements or propositions that when investigated or explained prove to be true). I’ve utilized many of these paradoxes as my foundation for this song, my sense of the “in-betweenness” of things pertaining to my life as a believer having been heightened by the passage of time.
Track Name: Joel- 2018
words: Joel 1:9 (Eugene Peterson’s The Message)
music: Terry Scott Taylor and Greg Flesch

©2018 Shape Of Air Music, BMI

Today is Pentecost Sunday on the Church calendar so this seemed apropos...

I’ll pour my Spirit on all flesh

Your sons and daughters will prophesy

Your old men shall dream dreams

And your young men shall see visions

Across the ruined fields

Across the mourning land

They will return to me

Vocals and instruments: T.S. Taylor


As I recall it Greg Flesch (DA’s lead guitarist) brought me a little fragment of music he’d been working on which he thought he and I could possibly develop into a full-fledged song for the album “Mr. Buechner’s Dream.” I immediately fell in love with Greg’s chord structure and the little repetitive riff, but I temporarily set the song aside to work on other "Buechner" tunes. I don’t fully recall my thought process in regard to the vocal melody and lyrics, but I do remember thinking early on that Greg’s musical fragment had the kind of mesmerizing cadence and melody that might work well as is. The thought occurred to me: What if the song were a kind of repetitive anthem which steadily builds into a crescendo? Once I decided this would be my approach I knew I would need a very simple yet equally compelling lyric to go along with the music. Exactly how the words of Joel came to serve this purpose is unfortunately lost in the fog of my memory, (I don’t discount divine providence!), but even now the marriage of music and lyrics possesses, at least to me, the kind of transcendent quality that suggests this is a song that has always existed. Greg and I didn’t write it; we found it.

The scripture on which “Joel” is based never fails to to give me a little chill every time I read it.
Track Name: The Great Divide- 2018
The Great Divide
words and music: Terry Scott Taylor

from the Lost Dogs album "Real Men Cry"

Wounded and aching
he fell across the great divide
as our hearts were breaking
they found him on the other side
Roll river (rolling on),
roll river (take us home)
home to Jesus where we belong

We're wounded and aching,
take us 'cross the great divide
Wounded and aching,
He fell across the great divide

Guitar and vocals: T.S. Taylor


I've been dealing with a lot of grief lately. My friend Doug Doyle passed in February and my mom passed last month. Kinda puts one in a frame of mind. Since March (the anniversary of my close friend, brother, and fellow Lost Dog Gene Eugene’s death), I have been thinking that recording “The Great Divide” for my Patreon followers would be more than apropos. I don’t recall how much later after Gene left this world that I wrote this song in his memory, but I believe it might have come after writing “Flash In Your Eyes” for Daniel Amos’s “Mr. Buechner’s Dream,” which was another song inspired by Gene’s sudden passing. To say that I greatly miss these amazing people only hints at the depth of my sorrow at times, but along with my sorrow comes the renewal of hope; this is not the end of the story. Easter reminded us of Resurrection, of a new heaven and a new earth, of rebirth and restoration. My loved ones have “crossed the great divide”, but Christ is faithful and true to His word. We will meet again.

Track Name: Amber Waves Goodbye- 2018
Amber Waves Goodbye

from the Lost Dogs album "Scenic Routes"

Music and Lyrics by Terry Scott Taylor

©1992 Shape Of Air Music, BMI

You got a ticket in your pocket
So long Danny boy
Apple seed inside your locket
She'll miss you Danny boy
It broke your heart, she poisoned the river
turned brown the azure sky
and every fallen angel weeps when
Amber waves goodbye

In the red glare, fiery fountain
She lost you Danny boy
Echo down the purple mountain
She calls you Danny boy
Was a time you ran to your mother,
took her dancing through the rye
Now every fallen angel weeps when
Amber waves goodbye

Spacious skys
In your eyes
Boy, she woke you from that dream
of youth and innocence
Join the parade of
heroes betrayed
whose blind devotion paid the consequence
Now she needs you now
Danny boy

Bright white crosses line the hillside
So long Danny boy
She prayed to heaven
but you still died
Please come back Danny boy
God bless the poor she left in the streets
Lord she heard those babies cry
Those little fallen angels weep cause
Amber waves goodbye
Those little fallen angels weep cause
Amber waves goodbye

vocal and guitar: T.S. Taylor


For a number of years the song “Amber Waves Goodbye” evaded me. I had the title, but little else, and unlike most of the songs I had written up to that point I had a number of false starts in trying to complete it. Nothing seemed to work. I had the intuitive sense all along that this was an important song but my efforts never seemed to live up to what I felt was the full potential of the title. I would file it away in my brain cabinet time and time again, promising to get back to it at some future date. Before I knew it however, the years flew by and still the “song” remained nothing more than an intriguing title scribbled in one of my old notebooks. It wasn’t until we formed The Lost Dogs that I began seriously working on it again. I have no doubt today that the reason the song lay just outside my grasp for so long is that it was meant all along to be performed and recorded specifically by the Dogs. I completed “Amber” shortly before recording it with the band in 1992 for the album “Scenic Routes.” It may well have been the very first song I showed the band, but I can’t be absolutely sure of this.

The title’s play on words could have easily inspired something satirical and lighthearted, but from the moment I conceived it I instinctively knew this wasn’t the approach to take. That “Amber” became a song about lost post World War II American idealism didn’t surprise me in the least; The undercurrent of the song’s theme no doubt lay just below the surface of my consciousness even back when the song was still only a title. “Amber” was largely inspired by my having experienced, along with rest of the nation, the tragic loss of President John F. Kennedy at the hands of an assassin, the subsequent decimation of what remained of the country’s post war innocence, and the turbulent ushering in of the 60’s in which families who, up to this point, had been consuming a steady diet of feel good TV shows like Ozzie and Harriet and Father Knows Best, now ate their TV dinners tuned in to the bloody and heartbreaking Viet Nam war.

This new recording should give the listener a true sense of what the completed song would have sounded like shortly before I gave it to The Lost Dogs to record.
Track Name: Waterloo Sunset
Waterloo Sunset
words and music: Ray Davies

Dirty old river

Must you keep rolling

Flowing into the night

People so busy

Make me feel dizzy

Taxi light shines so bright

But I don’t

Need no friends

As long as I gaze on

Waterloo sunset

I am in paradise

Everyday I look at the world from my window

But chilly chilly is the evening time

Waterloo sunset’s fine

Terry meets Julie

Waterloo Station

Every Friday night

But I am so lazy

Don't want to wander

I stay at home at night

But I don’t feel afraid

Long as I gaze on

Waterloo sunset

I am in paradise

Everyday I look at the world from my window

But chilly chilly is the evening time

Waterloo sunset’s fine

Millions of people

Swarming like flies ‘round

Waterloo underground

But Terry and Julie

Cross over the river

Where they’ll feel safe and sound

And they don’t

Need no friend

as long as they gaze on

Waterloo sunset

They are in paradise

Waterloo sunset’s fine

Waterloo sunset’s fine

Waterloo sunset’s fine

Waterloo sunset’s fine

vocal and guitar: T.S. Taylor


This is one of my all time favorite songs since I first heard it back in 1967. Ray Davis, composer of the song and front man for The Kinks, originally called it “Liverpool Sunset,” because of his love for that particular city. However, inspired by ‘Penny Lane,’ (Beatle Paul McCartney’s ode to his own boyhood haunt), Ray decided to change ‘Liverpool’ to ‘Waterloo’ as an ode to his home city (Waterloo Station in London).

The melancholy nature of the song about two idealistic lovers crossing over Waterloo bridge in search of their dreams in the world at large, always struck a chord with me. The Beach Boys-inspired backing vocals on the original recording (performed by Ray and his brother Dave) are beautifully rendered and give me goose-bumps every time I hear them.

I’ve made no attempt here to reconstruct the original song; It’s likely only a hack or an egomaniac would attempt a serious remake of “Citizen Kane” or believe he can recreate the Mona Lisa. Instead, I’ve gone for a simple vocal/guitar arrangement that I hope gives the song a unique and intimate feel. BTW the song has been covered by others; Bowie and Elliot Smith (who only performed “Waterloo’ live) are among them. Both artists truly did the song justice.

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