Bedroom Demos- Vol. 7

by Terry Scott Taylor



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released December 1, 2017

Vocals, guitars- TST

Mastered by Bruce Neher


all rights reserved


Track Name: No Einstein
No Einstein
words and music: Terry Scott Taylor
©2017, Shape Of Air Music, BMI

“Science without religion’s lame,
Religion without science, blind” **
So when you lecture us on Facebook,
Dismiss believers and their “fake book,”
You earn the last place in my rate book every time
But hey, what do I know?….
I’m no Einstein

Now that you’re so earthly good
You can’t imagine heaven’s mind
I believe sky’s in the pie
And not one pig will ever fly
A more rational kind of guy you’ll seldom find
But hey, what do I know?….
I’m no Einstein

We all predicted this grandstanding,
This constant turning on a dime
Someone who reads the right books, then
Get’s all the wrong things out of them
E=mc2, and friend that is Divine
But hey, what do I know?….
I’m no Einstein

Contrarians' fears of lack of attention
Prepares them to resign
Why go around in the same circle
When fields you haven’t plowed are fertile?
Move on oh King Of Controversial,
It’s about time
I’ll stay here, I’m doing fine
But hey I’m no Einstein

What new suit will you be wearing
Now that the thrill is in decline?
Old arguments long past their prime
If not handled right, in time
Become polished feces without a brilliant shine
But hey, what do I know?
I’m no Einstein

What do I know?
I’m no Einstein

Hey, what do I know?….
I’m no Einstein

**Albert Einstein quote

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