Deeper In The Heart - 2019

from by Terry Scott Taylor



A simple song here about sin, repentance, surrender, and a yearning to go deeper into the love of the Beloved. I was going through a particularly rough period when I wrote this song in Nashville for the Lost Dog’s Nazarene Crying Towel sessions. Deeply confused and troubled by a friendship which had suddenly and inexplicably soured, the line “tired of everything and everyone but you” is one of those lines which I can truly say not only reflected the immediate circumstances in which I then found myself but truly came from the very depths of my broken heart.
In this Patreon version, I chose to record the song as it would have sounded when I first wrote it there in my sad little Hotel room in Tennessee, far away from home and family.


3. Deeper In The Heart
words and music: Terry Scott Taylor
©2002 Zoom Daddy Music, BMI

I've been walking in the wilderness
Had a look into the dark abyss
Now I'm ready as I'll ever be, I guess
To go deeper in the heart
The heart of hearts
Deeper in the heart
The heart of love
I've been dancing 'neath a blood red moon
I've been sleeping in a dead man's tomb
Now I'm moving on into a larger room
That is deeper in the heart
The heart of hearts
Deeper in the heart
The heart of love
I feel that giving up is all that I can do
Tired of everything and everyone but you
I threw money down a wishing well
Met my friends down by the shores of Hell
That's all over now as far as I can tell
(repeat chorus)


from Bedroom Demos - Vol. 24, released May 6, 2019
guitar and vocal: T.S. Taylor


all rights reserved


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